Caring for your hairs should be your priority every season along with your skin because having healthier looking hair and skin makes a lot of difference when it comes to your style and overall personality.

There are many things that keep affecting your hairs and that is why your hair need sot to stay cared and protected in all seasons. Though caring for your hairs for their growth and healthy looks is important in all seasons but it becomes even more crucial in extreme weather like hottest summer days and freezing winters. In summers the frizzy, greasy hairs caused due to excessive follicle sweating affect a lot and in winters lesser hair wash may clog pores as well.

So we should be following a basic routine for hair care in all season along with some extra steps when it comes to caring for them in extreme weather conditions.

Clinically proven shampoos

Though there are many things to look for here we’ll only be discussing some basic yet very important steps and things that are important in taking care of your hairs. Regardless of the color and length of the hair, you should be taking care of them in the following ways:

Select the best hair care shampoo that will not damage your hairs follicles and texture

Extremely severe chemicals that bring instant shine and colors on your hairs after using the shampoo should be ignored and herbal and clinically proven shampoos should be used to care better for your hair.

Shampoo your hairs in the correct way

It is always recommended that you need to shampoo your hairs twice a week if you have non-greasy and normal hairs and are living in a slightly colder climatic condition. But in case if you are in the hotter region, you may shampoo every second day.

Use a conditioner after shampooing

It will help to make your hair to make sure they will stay in a healthy, soft and manageable condition.

Avoid hair damaging treatments

Make sure you avoid severe and damaging hair treatments like excessive and frequent blow dry, cut down and frequent hair color changes etc. this may make your hair look thin, weak and brittle.

You may also keep the hairs healthy with the help of the following routines:

Always try to comb in dry hair and when they are not wet because wet hairs are weak and if you comb you will surely damage them frequently.

Eat healthy food, vegetables, fruits, milk and a lot of water and fruit juices to promote hair growth in a natural manner so that they grow well and stay healthy.

Use hair massage oil once in a week or twice before shampooing as it will strengthen and protect hairs and will keep them away from damages and give texture to the hairs as well.

With all these basic yet very effective routine essentials, anyone can maintain good voluminous hairs without getting into issues like hair loss and hair damage.